Granite mining and sale in Karelia, Russia.

Granite blocks directly from their quarries, without intermediaries, without extra charges, with delivery throughout Russia and the near abroad.

TC Gorizont has its own raw material base and closely cooperates with granite quarries in Karelia, Leningrad and Murmansk regions, we also import granite from Finland of various breeds.

We will make products of any shape, size and volume to order. Check with the managers for availability at the sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Гранит карелия оптом петрозаводск

At the moment, there are more than 50 granite deposits in Russia, the largest of which are located in the North-Western region – Leningrad, Murmansk Region and the Republic of Karelia.

We will make products of any shape, size and volume to order. Check with the managers for availability at the sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Karelian granites and granites of the North-Western region of Russia are a strong and durable stone with high moisture and frost resistance. Therefore, this natural stone is actively used for road construction and urban improvement, including for lining the walls of buildings and paving streets, embankments.

Prices for large-format slabs of granite from the North-West

Large-format slabs made of granite from Finland and Norway

Гранитные слебы продажа оптом производство

Finnish and Norwegian granites are a unique line of natural stone, striking in the saturation of their shades and a variety of textures. They are widely used by designers and architects in interior projects and urban improvement.

For example, Norwegian granites have the famous blue tint, which is present in varying degrees and nuances of this natural stone. That is why its decorative properties are so highly valued, which allows you to expand the color solutions in granite decoration and use it both in the exterior decoration of buildings and in the interior.

TC Gorizont line includes popular Norwegian granites:

Blue Pearl –granite, which has a rich gray-blue color with black and mother-of-pearl inclusions, which has an amazing crystalline luster.

Emerald pearl is a granite of deep dark blue color with emerald and turquoise inclusions. Due to the natural ionization, the shade of the stone changes under different lighting conditions.

Granites from Finland are highly valued for their unique qualities, such as strength, durability, resistance to abrasion and sudden temperature changes. That is why Finnish granites are so popular and in demand, especially for exterior decoration of buildings, such as facing of plinths and facades of buildings, porches. Due to the rich variety of palettes and textures, granites from Finland are used for interior decoration, for example, stairs, floors, fireplaces, in balusters and balustrades, as well as for finishing bathrooms and kitchen countertops.

Finnish granites are perfect for making ritual-themed items - monuments and pedestals, for example, Gray Kuru and Baltic Brown granites.

The Horizon TC line includes a wide range of Finnish granites: Aurora, Balmoral Red, Kuru Gray, Baltic Brown, Baltic Green, Eagle Red, Amadeus, Hull Black and Karelia Red.